ENROLL NOW! Our Next 10-Week Group Cohort Begins This Fall!


Nardi Media Academy is an enhancement of world-renowned media relations and media training firm, Nardi Media. Founded by former network TV producer and host, life coach, and award-winning author and podcaster Ashley Bernardi, Nardi Media Academy’s mission is to elevate the voices of the world’s change makers and luminaries in order to uplift the world, using powerful verbal communication tools and techniques in order to expand their network, following, connections, fans, and more.


Nardi Media Academy facilitates live, virtual training programs where participants will learn how to harness the power of their inner voice in order to ignite change and uplift the world. This will be done through an exclusive inner circle of individuals led by Academy founder Ashley Bernardi. The program leverages powerful and unique exercises like group life and media coaching, journaling, self reflections, mock interviews, breathwork, meditation, and more. Nardi Media Academy is focused on empowering each student to build their credibility, gain mental clarity, and become confident in sharing their message in a safe, supportive, and encouraging learning environment. Participants will be evaluated by professional journalists at the conclusion of the eight-week program, where they will then become a Certified Media Ambassador (™ pending), a lifelong credential and credibility builder to leverage media placements, speaking engagements, collaborations, connections, and more.