The ultimate community and monthly membership for changemakers and visionaries ready to amplify their presence, visibility, exposure, and message in the media landscape.

The ultimate community and monthly membership for changemakers and visionaries ready to amplify their presence, visibility, exposure, and message in the media landscape.

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Do you want to amplify your message in the media or on world stages?

Do you want to harness the power of the media landscape to make an impact and elevate your business success in the process?


Welcome to Media Masters Society,

the ultimate community and monthly membership for passionate individuals keen on harnessing the power of the media to elevate their message to the masses in order to motivate, inspire, and spark positive change in the world!

Inspired by Nardi Media Academy’s Certified Media Ambassador program, Media Masters Society is designed to offer you consistent education and group accountability support so you can feel empowered to land media placements on your own… without having to hire a publicist.

Led by Ashley Bernardi, CEO of Nardi Media and Nardi Media Academy, you will learn alongside a community full of passionate, like-minded visionaries and changemakers just like you.

As A Member of Media Masters Society, You Will:

What’s Inside

Monthly Masterclass: Join your fellow society members each month to discover expert knowledge and tools that will empower you to be your own publicist and hold you accountable throughout your visibility journey.

Monthly Office Hours: Monthly sessions where your burning questions find expert answers. Get the guidance you need to navigate the intricate world of media with Media Master Ashley Bernardi and other Nardi Media Team Members.

Client Roster Inclusion: Your name takes center stage on the official Nardi Media Client Roster, increasing your chances of catching the attention of reporters seeking compelling stories. While we can’t guarantee bookings, we’re your backstage pass to media opportunities.

Connections That Last A Lifetime: Access our portal for a wealth of personal and professional networking opportunities. From our connection portal (HeartBeat) to monthly masterclasses and office hours, you will forge lasting relationships beyond business advice, delve into leadership discussions, and nurture connections that extend far beyond the professional realm.

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$147 / Month

About Your Media Master, Ashley Bernardi

About Your Media Master, Ashley Bernardi

Ashley Bernardi is the founder and CEO of Nardi Media LLC, which quickly became a leading boutique media relations agency with an expertise in broadcast, print, and online press. With a strategic focus to media relations, media training, and book launches, Ashley never misses an opportunity to develop relationships with reporters and producers, proactively generate media coverage and integrate her clients into the news of the day. Ashley is also the founder and CEO of Nardi Media Academy, a different and deeper approach to media training that teaches experts, authors, and organization leaders to become their own publicist by mastering their mindset, mastering their message, and mastering the media.

Ashley has over a decade of booking and producing experience in national television broadcasting. More important than her lengthy list of accolades – including her tenure as a top booker at national news networks like Bloomberg and CBS News and booking producer for The Washington Post – is her passion for publicity. Her deep expertise extends to radio and television satellite media tours, booking guests for breaking news, media strategy and managing production logistics for live shots, television shoots, and more.

Ashley has helped clients grow from zero exposure to household names on the New York Times Bestsellers list, working with luminaries such as Mel Robbins, Dr. Emma Seppala, Dr. Susan Pierce Thompson, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, Jamie Metzl, and hundreds more. Additionally, she has helped heads of state, lawmakers, celebrities, best-selling authors, non-profit organizations and national brands increase their exposure, credibility and awareness through strategic media placements, which include placing clients in top-tier publications and media outlets such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, TODAY, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, NPR, Fortune, Business Insider, USA TODAY, PEOPLE, TIME, CNBC, Bloomberg, Women’s World, Family Circle, FIRST For Women, and hundreds more media outlets.

She is a sought-after speaker and regularly featured expert in the media, including Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Business Insider, ABC, NBC, and FOX in Washington, D.C. In addition to her work in the media, Ashley is also a certified Life Designer life coach, and earned her certificate in the Science of Well Being from Yale University. She is the author of the award winning book Authentic Power: Give Yourself Permission to Feel.

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